Bionic Blast

Cyclone C3

Effortless cleaning

without cables

Cyclone C3

extensive accessory package

4in1 Cordless vacuum cleaner

Thanks to the extensive professional accessory pack, no job is too tough.

Charged within 4 hours
Powerful suction
Extensive accessoires bundle
Name:JAP Bionic Blast Cyclone C3
Product reference: C-C3
Brand:JAP Appliances
Warranty:2 Years (lifelong service)
Power Supply:22.2 Voltage (V), 150 Watts (W)
Noise level: 74 Decibel (dB)
Dimensions:22 x 24 x 118 Centimeter (CM)
Weight:2 Kilograms (KG)
Capacity:0.5 Liter (L)
Usage time:35 Minutes (M)
Charging time:240 Minutes (M)
Suction power:10.000 Pascal Pressure Unit (pA)
Power adapterDockingstation (220-240 Voltage (V), 50Hz

The battery of the JAP Cyclone C3 will last for 35 minutes. This allows you to clean your whole house!

It takes 240 minutes to charge the battery to the fullest.

You can buy an extra separate battery.

With JAP you always have 2 years of guarantee on your products. This is why you can enjoy the best of our products without the need to worry!

The cleaning of a vacuum cleaner always get you thinking. What you can do is just empty the dustbin above the garbage can but this is not always enough. The vacuum cleaner always come with a removable filter that needs to be cleaned once a month.

By changing the head of the cleaner can u change it to a hand held vacuum cleaner in just one click! This is ideal if u need to reach unreachable spots or just need to vacuum some crumbs.

Yeah you certainly can! The vacuum cleaner comes with a different module that you can change and fill with water. The only thing you have to do after is click the mop on the cleaner and you’re ready for action! Cleaning your house was never that easy!

Yeah we did! The filter of the C3 is a hepa-filter. This means that the filter separate 99,5% of all the small particles in the air. This means that the vacuum cleaner separate the most common allergens, dust, filth and bacteria. Ideal for people with a dust- and pollen allergy.

De cyclone C3 has 2 brushes. The soft brush is perfectly usable for laminate, tiles or vinyl. In the box is also another brush perfectly usable for your carpet. This is why you can even get your high pile carpet clean!

If you have any pets then there is a additional brush available that you can order separate.