Bionic Blast

Tornado S1

Effortless to clean and
requires no dust bag

Tornado S1

Easy to transport with the ergonomic handle and light weight


Clean up any type of waste, solid or liquid

Easy to carry
Wet and dry
Sufficient battery life 25 min.
Name: JAP Bionic Blast Tornado S1
Product reference: T-S1
Brand:JAP Appliances:
Warranty:2 Years (lifelong service)
Power supply:11,1 Voltage (V), 80 Watts (W)
Noise level:72 Decibel (dB)
Dimensions:43x15x43 Centimeter (CM)
Weight:850 Grams (G)
Power adapter: Dockingstation (220-240 Voltage (V), 50Hz
Capacity:0,5 Liter (L)
Usage time: 20 Minutes (M)
Charging time:180 Minutes (M)
Suction power:6.000 Pascal Pressure Unit (pA)

Yes, our filters are machine washable and therefore last a very long time. Two are supplied as standard, this way you have one spare while you wash the other.

The Tornado S1 already comes with a spare filter, a total of 2 pieces. If you wish to have more filters, you can find them through one of our sales partners.

You can leave the Tornado in the charger. For better battery life it is better to remove the Tornado from the charger when it is full.

With the Tornado you can vacuum up bulky waste.

Yes, you can vacuum up water with the Tornado.

The handheld vacuum cleaner operates for 30 minutes.

The handheld vacuum cleaner is completely cordless. Only the charging station has a plug.

The vacuum comes with 5 accessoires.


With the included screws and plugs, the charging station can be attached to the wall. (If the screws are not included, please contact us).

When the vacuum is empty and you want to charge it again, then it takes about 180 minutes.