Quebec (W)

Simple but


Dreaming away in
a natural wind

Powerful yet silent

Thanks to the latest technology,
the tower fan ensures a continuous flow of fresh air in maximum silence.

Timer - 120 minutes
3 Speeds
Name: Bionic Breeze Quebec
Product reference: B-Q-WIT
Brand:JAP Appliances
Warranty:2 Years (lifelong service)
Power supply: 240 Voltage (V), 50 Watts (W)
Noise level:56 Decibel (dB)
Dimensions: 14,5x14,5x76 Centimeter (CM)
Weight: 2,5 Kilograms (KG)
Color: White
Remote control:No
Speel levelsEco, middle, strong (3)
Timer:Continuous and up to 2 hours
Cable length: 1,8 Meter (M)

Yes, they are in a small plastic bag at the bottom of the product box.

Check whether the timer is set to "Off". If it is not, this may be the problem, and you can fix it with a single turn of the knob!

The fan can be used without a timer. Turn the knob upwards, the fan is now in continuous mode and will continue to run until you turn it off.