Vancouver (B)

Integrated ionizer
cleans the air


Refreshes and

Refreshes and cools

Enjoy a fresh and clean breeze of air

Remote Control
Integrated ioniser
Name: Bionic Breeze Vancouver
Product reference: B-V-ZWA
Brand:JAP Appliances
Warranty:2 Years (lifelong service)
Power supply: 240 Voltage (V), 60 Watts (W)
Noise level:56 Decibel (dB)
Dimensions: 22x22x86,6 Centimeter (CM)
Weight: 3,5 Kilograms (KG)
Color: Black
Remote control:Yes
Speel levelsEco, middle and strong (3)
Modus levels: Eco, normal, sleep and ionizer (4)
Timer:Continuous and up to 8 hours
Cable length: 1,8 Meter (M)
Climate control function:Ionizer

Yes, they are in a small plastic bag at the bottom of the product box.

That is of course very annoying, keep the on/off button pressed for 2 times 10 seconds. The remote control will now be reset. The problem is often solved now.

An ionizer does not need a filter. Ionisation means that negatively charged ions are shot into the air to change the charge of positively charged particles. Negatively charged ions attract dust, for example, which causes the particles to become heavier and fall down.